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Blending Social Media with Real Life

How many times have you done the same activities over and over?

Is there anything you missed out on because your friends don't share the same interests?

Do you ever wonder about meeting new people and trying out new things?

On InvOut you are able to see all the activities around you and it is even easier to join them.

You can try all the new things that you didn’t even know you liked, and the best part is that you will get to meet new friends who enjoy the same things!

This platform allows you to expand your social circle not only online but also in the real world.
Making friends and having fun is about to become a whole lot easier with InvOut.

Features include:

  • Creating / Joining InvOuts

  • Timeline

  • Sharing pictures & posts

  • InvOut suggestions

  • Following friends

  • Chatting

  • Discounts and offers

  • Map view

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